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Online only programme announced

The Podcastfestival 2020 features an online-only programme for all online festival ticket holders. You don’t have to sign up for the workshops, just watch and ask questions in the chat. Moderated by Mina Etemad.


Podcast: Smelling time

Shortly before the lockdown scent and art historian Caro Verbeek organized an aromatic tour at the Rijksmuseum with Cathelijne Denekamp and Hannes Wallrafen. It enabled visitors to experience iconic works of art by means of smell. Part of that tour was transformed into a podcast especially for the Podcastfestival! Collect myrrh, eau de cologne and nail polish remover for an optimized experience. Imagining scents is also possible, just give it a try!

This podcast is made possible by Podcastnetwerk and International Fragrances & Flavours.

Workshop: take control of your podcast hosting and RSS by James Cridland (Podnews.net) (EN)

Many people are satisfied as soon as podcast platforms have published their RSS. But what options lie in the ancient standard of RSS and how can we creatively put them to work to make our podcast better? And is it a good idea to host everything, including your audio, yourself? In this part-technical, part-marketing workshop, James Cridland, editor of Podnews.net shares his findings for the first time.

(This workshop is English-spoken)

Liveshow: VPRO Koos podcast online (NL)

Dol op podcasts, maar weet je nooit wat je moet kiezen? VPRO Koos wel! VPRO Koos Podcast houdt een online editie vol persoonlijke podcasttips. Elja Looijestijn, podcast-expert van de VPRO Gids, praat met podcastfans en geeft ze tips die helemaal op hun lijf geschreven zijn. Wil je erbij zijn en jouw persoonlijke tip ontvangen? Meld je dan hier aan!

Workshop: Introduction to Podcasting by Hindenburg

In this “Introduction to Podcasting” workshop, Nick Dunkerley, Hindenburg Creative Director, will guide you through the process of recording, editing, and publishing a podcast while providing context to make each step more meaningful and manageable.  Nick will also field 15 – 20 minutes of audience questions at the end. This workshop is English spoken. 

Podquiz (NL)

Ken jij alle tunes en bekende podcasthosts? Test je podcastkennis in de podquiz! De steden strijden als teams tegen elkaar maar je kunt thuis ook digitaal meedoen.

The Podcast Festival 2020 is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, The Democracy and Media Foundation, the Dutch Journalism Fund, the Dutch national fund for the visually impaired, the Dutch Catholic Fund for the Visually Impaired, The Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, Hindenburg, Topcast Media, and in cooperation with Tolhuistuin, Domino Sound, Podgont, Wintertuin/De Nieuwe Oost, Radio Dakhaas, Oneworld Magazine, VPRO Gids, Podnews, Dag en Nacht Media Women Inc. and Riverside.fm

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