Dissecting Invisibilia with Alix Spiegel

Note: this is a transcript from the Podcastfestival 2020 session with Alix Spiegel. It was recroded remotely on September 24, 2020 at the Tolhuistuin Podcastwerkplaats in Amsterdam.

Listen to the session here

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MISHA MELITA Hi, good evening everyone. This is Dissect with Alix Spiegel, and this is a belated session that was supposed to be Saturday, but we are doing it now, so we’re really happy that everyone’s here. Uhm, so my name is Misha Melita, I’m one of the organizers of the Podcast Festival and I’m here together tonight with Katz Laszlo. She’s an independent podcast producer, maker.


MISHA And I’m happy to be here with you tonight-

KATZ Yeah me too.

MISHA -because you are a native English speaker.


KATZ Among many things.

MISHA Among other things. (Laughing) That’ll make things a little easier.

MISHA And of course, we’re also very happy to be here together with Alix Spiegel, uhm joining us from New York.

ALIX SPIEGEL No, Washington, D.C.

Rachel And this guy walked in wearing a windbreaker and sat at the table next to us. And at one point, he just brushed against me, and I had my purse actually hanging over the chair. And it wasn’t until after he had left and I went to pay that I realized that my wallet was gone.

Ira Glass But you just figured that was the person who stole your identity?

Rachel Yeah. My social security card had been in there, and I thought that was something you could do without.

Ira Glass Rachel was identity thefted. And at first, it was the kind of thing that you hear about. Money was vanishing from her bank account, and it turned out to be some charges and ATM withdrawals that she hadn’t made herself. So she found this out, but she figured, OK, no problem. Call the bank, explain the situation. They’ll take care of it. She even figured out how it probably happened. She had been visiting friends in Chicago, sitting in a coffee shop.